Talking to the future

Roel delivered an excellent presentation to a group of second-year Physics undergraduates at the IMM on Friday. He shared insights about our group’s work, aiming to inspire the next generation of Soft Matter scientists. If you’re interested in learning more about our labs and research, get in touch!

New Visitor, Abhimanyu Nowbagh

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Investigation into Grain Boundaries at RU!

In an exciting development, Sjors one of our master’s students has successfully conducted his first experiment, focusing on the intricate dynamics of grain boundary loop rotation.

Do not let any laser beam enter your eye!

In a daring demonstration of optical safety, we equipped laser goggles onto an optical path to showcase their protective efficacy. However, the experiment took an unforeseen turn when the intense laser light (1064- 3W) caused the goggle glass to melt. This outcome served to highlight the potential risks associated with high-intensity laser exposure, reinforcing the importance of robust safety measures in such environments.

Our Second Group Photo & We Have Grown! 🤩

Our first group photo was back in Aug 2023 (here) and we are growing! Sadly, Magda and Ulash were absent. Thank you to our colleague Matan Ben Zion for taking the time to snap us in the Huygensgebouw lobby.

Merin returns from Japan with some exciting results

Merin had travelled to Japan to collaborate with long standing colleague and friend Taiki Yanagishima.

Sigma Lunch Lecture With Roel Dullens

Come and find out what we do at Sigma Lunch Lecture on Monday February 26th 12:30-13:30 in HG00.307

New MSc Student, Mara Bosman

My name is Mara, and I joined the Physics and Chemistry of Soft Matter department in January 2024 for my masters internship. Together with Merin I will be working on geophysical colloids and avalanche behaviour.

New MSc Student, Sjors Cornielje

Sjors Cornielje can be found in 03.632

We had a great time at NWO Physics.

Our group was represented by PhD students Marieke Reijneveld, Habib Moradi in the poster sessions and Ruth Crothers presented her work on ‘Rotational Dynamics in Colloidal Liquids, Crystals and Glasses’ in the parallel session.

We have changed our name! 🥸👌

In a strategic move to reflect more accurately what we are all about at in the Dullens Lab we have changed our departmental name from the “Physical Chemistry of Soft Matter” to “Physics & Chemistry of Soft Matter.”

New MSc Student, Demi Vollebregt

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New Student, Ulash Kayabash

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New Visitor, Alexandra Knebel

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Ruth Crothers Working with Our American Colleagues

Our OCULI particles show how friction affects rotation. The Soft Matter group in Georgetown University have a unique setup combining a rheometer with a confocal microscope for direct insight into OCULI behaviour under shear stress.

📸 Our First Group Photo in Nijmegen!

We’re thrilled to share our first group photo since moving our group from Oxford University to Radboud Universiteit! 🌟Thank you to our colleague, Moussa Boujemaa in Systems Chemistry who took the time to take our photos.

New Bachelor Internship, Ida van der Heijden

Ida van der Heijden can be found in HG 03.632

New Group Member, Marieke Reijneveld

Marieke Reijneveld can be found in HG 03.632

New Post Doc – Merin Jose

Merin can be found in HG 03.632.

New PhD Candidates – Habib Moradi

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Financial Times Interviews the Dullens Lab

The British newspaper, Financial Times, interviewed group members who where instrumental in moving our laboratory from Oxford to Radboud. You can read more here.