Synthesis of Rough Colloidal SU-8 Rods and Bananas via Nanoprecipitation

Carla Fernandez-Rico, Jeffrey S Urbach, and Roel PA Dullens

Langmuir 2021 37 2900

Surface roughness plays an important role in determining the mechanical properties, wettability, and self-assembly in colloidal systems. In this work, we develop a simple and fast method to produce rough colloidal SU-8 rods, bananas, and spheres, via the nanoprecipitation of SU-8 in water. During this process, SU-8 nanospheres are absorbed onto the surface of the colloidal SU-8 particles and then cross-linked using UV-light. The size of the spherical asperities and the asperity density are controlled by the concentration of SU-8 used during the nanoprecipitation reaction. Fluorescent labeling of the rough SU-8 colloidal particles allows for their confocal imaging, which demonstrates their stability at high packing fractions. With these newly developed rough particles, we provide a colloidal model system that allows for studies addressing the impact of surface roughness on materials composed of anisotropic particles.