Generalized network theory of physical two-dimensional systems

David O Morley, Alice L Thorneywork, Roel PA Dullens, and Mark Wilson

Phys. Rev. E 2020 101 042309

The properties of a wide range of two-dimensional network materials are investigated by developing a generalized network theory. The methods developed are shown to be applicable to a wide range of systems generated from both computation and experiment; incorporating atomistic materials, foams, fullerenes, colloidal monolayers, and geopolitical regions. The ring structure in physical networks is described in terms of the node degree distribution and the assortativity. These quantities are linked to previous empirical measures such as Lemaltre's law and the Aboav-Weaire law. The effect on these network properties is explored by systematically changing the coordination environments, topologies, and underlying potential model of the physical system.