Structure factors in a two-dimensional binary colloidal hard sphere system

Alice L Thorneywork, Simon K Schnyder, Dirk GAL Aarts, Juergen Horbach, Roland Roth, and Roel PA Dullens

Mol. Phys. 2018 116 3245

Hard disks are one of the simplest interacting many-body model system in two dimensions (2D). Here, we present a comprehensive set of measurements of the static structure factors for quasi-2D monodisperse fluids and two different binary colloidal hard sphere mixtures: a small size ratio (SSR) system with a negligibly small negative non-additivity and a large size ratio system with a significantly larger non-additivity. We compare the experimental results for the monodisperse and SSR systems to those calculated using density functional theory (DFT) for additive mixtures. Furthermore, we determine the zero-wavevector limits of the static structure factors for the monodisperse and binary hard sphere fluids directly from an analysis of number and concentration fluctuations. For the monodisperse case, this leads to the isothermal compressibility, which agrees very well with DFT, and is consistent with the scaled particle theory equation of state for hard disks. For the binary fluids, the partial static structure factors are used to calculate the Bhatia-Thornton structure factors, and we find qualitative agreement with DFT for the SSR mixture. Finally, the zero-wavevector limits of the Bhatia-Thornton structure factors are determined and directly related to the thermodynamic factor, the dilatation factor and the isothermal compressibility.